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Probably my longest post ever: My evening with Before You Exit

          First off let me make it clear that I'm not an ultimate huge fan of BYE nor should I claim myself part of their fandom, or an "Exiter". I discovered them in 2011 when they did a cover of 1D's WMYB and that was it. I thought they were good but I didn't follow their every move like I do with BTR. Throughout the few years I hear about them here and there and occasionally check out their live performances. When I heard they were coming to KL (about 3 weeks before they did) I was slightly surprised and kind of excited! At that point the only boy I knew of was Riley lol. Then I checked out what's the latest with them, discovered their more recent covers and was blown away. I basically found out about their new music and turned out wow I like it a lot. I didn't even know if I was sure to go for the signing (because I had class!) but I thought I shouldn't let this maybe-once-in-a-lifetime opportunity go so in the end, I did.

If you've never heard of them check out this sick cover they did. My personal favorite.

Here's how my (unexpected) evening with them went!

Monday - 19th August 2013

          I reached CD Rama in Popular bookstore in Sunway about 4:00PM but there was no one outside. Then I went inside and saw the setting and heard BYE music being played so I went over to the area. There were a bunch of girls just hanging around and there was a video montage replaying. I felt really left out because I didn't know anyone so yea kinda just hung around for a couple of minutes on my own. Then we were asked to form the line. It was a really long line I think I was probably idk the 60th person or so. Waited in the line and kept calling Izwin to find out where she is, since I was holding her stuff that I'd bought earlier. Stuff for the boys to sign.

          Minutes after, she arrived with 2 friends, sisters Eira and Lisa. They joined me in the line and we talked and got to know each other a bit. We noticed that there was this door about 20 feet from us which the Sony staff kept going in and out of and we were pretty sure that the boys are gonna come out from there any moment now so we kept our eyes on it and every time someone came out of it we got mini heart attacks lol.

We took some pictures among the 4 of us when suddenly

Followed by Toby
and then Connor who looked back and waved the opposite way they were heading (our way).

By then the whole place was nuts. Fangirl screams filled the air! At one point it was louder than ever because Connor took out his phone, asked the crowd to scream, got it filmed and posted it on his instagram.

          And then the signing session started. My heart was beating so fast I don't even know why I mean it's only BYE? It's not like I'm meeting my ultimate fave celebs who I admire and look up to *coughBTR*? idk but MAN I WAS SO NERVOUSDSHGJSHGD.

          When is was my turn I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest lol but I kept it cool yaknow I put the CD cover on the table for them to sign and was like "Hi Riley" and he said "Hey how are you?" And ME BEING THE GELABAH SHITWRECK didn't answer because I knew that I wouldn't have all the time in the world so all I quickly said was "Can we get a pic?" so we took one, I said thanks and that was it, I had to move along.

Next was Connor. I don't think I said anything to him I just asked for a pic and by this point mY HANDS WERE SHAKING SO BAD I COULD SEE IT WHEN I HELD MY PHONE. So the pic I took with Connor turned out so blur because shaky hands well done Yasmin well done ugh.

(I look like shit)

Did I mention he has freaking gorgeous blue eyes (which you can't see here DAMN IT) yea goodbye world

I don't think he said a word to me lol but I was like thanks and moved on to Toby. I said "Hi Toby!" and he's like "Hey how are ya?" and welp same thing I straight away asked for a photo and quickly snapped

I didn't notice Connor photobombed until I looked back at the pic after that haha but I'M SO GLAD HE DID bc atleast now I have a fun pic with both Toby and Connor being goofballs YEAASS

          Well anyway that was the end of the signing session for me. When we all got out of the line we were jumping for joy but Lisa was NOT HAPPY that she didn't get any photos with them so she was all sad :( I was also kinda bummed that I was tongue-tied and didn't get to say anything more :(

          After they were done signing everything the fans sang happy birthday for Riley (his birthday's on August 31 so it was kinda like an early present thing) and then demanded the boys to sing something so they sang a short snippet from their single 'I Like That' which I got recorded right here;

          Then they all went back into the mysterious door. Izwin was getting ready to go for the dinner WITH THE BAND that she had won from hitz.fm. (I know, I was over-the-top jealous but I wasn't frustrated or devastated I was really happy for her tbh) The Sony people found us (her) and she had to follow them to go two floors up the escalator to TGIF because that’s where they were gonna have dinner. We decided to follow her all the way up until outside of the restaurant ahaahahahah we're such BUSY BODIES. Lisa was still upset that she didn't get photos so Eira tried persuading Izwin to get something done.

         So Izwin was brought in really deep into the restaurant by the Sony staff to a part where nobody could see from the outside and the 3 of us were out there like ... ok well we should go home now and HERE COMES THE BEST PART

We were about to walk away when we saw that IZWIN


          So we DID and while we walked our way we were spazzing and screaming and couldn’t breathe and WOW we reached their table and there the boys were at this long set up table together with their dad and some other dude named Keith. They saw us and Riley was already standing up I think so he was the first one to greet us and he gave us all hugs (I was the last). We shook hands with the rest. They all said their names when we shook hands but I was literally like so stunned all I could say was "hi" or "hey" and I didn't introduce myself haha. When I shook hands with Toby he's like "Toby" and I said "I know" lol I just want to slap myself now. Anyway they were all at one side of the table and the empty seats were beside Riley and Connor so Izwin took a seat beside Riley, Eira beside Connor and I was beside Eira. Lisa took a seat beside Izwin and she was also sitting in front of me. Also there was a seat between Riley and his dad which was empty because that was for their mom.

          So basically, I was at the corner. Beside me was Eira followed by Connor, Toby and Keith. Directly in front of me was Lisa, to the right were Izwin, Riley and their parents. You know what here's a photo. (At the other side of the table were the Sony staff)

Actually they all looked really damn good in person. but Riley....................

Then I had to let everything sink in.

I am here seated at a table in TGIF and I am going to spend about an hour having dinner with the boys of Before You Exit.

Okay. Breathe. Okay? Alright. Calm down. Got this.

Here comes a detailed description of what happened during dinner.

          When we were all seated Riley started asking stuff like "How are you guys?" And I was SO PUMPED I excitedly replied "Um really good now that we're here?!?!!" I couldn't stop smiling I swear. And then I explained that this was totally unplanned and that initially only Izwin was supposed to come. Then Toby showed us this pic on his phone

saying "Did you guys see this pic I posted?"

And I was like "yeah!" smiling and giggling (Ya Allah gediknya) and he looked at the other girls and said "... don't YOU GUYS find this funny?". I found that moment amusing tho.

THEN THEY GOT OUR NAMES. Connor forgot my name that time lol what a douche (I'm kidding, nasib baik kau comel)

          Then Riley was like "do you guys have any questions" and I WENT COMPLETELY BLANK BECAUSE I WASN'T PREPARED FOR THIS I DIDN'T KNOW I WOULD HAVE THE CHANCE TO SIT AND TALK AND ASK QUESTIONS I JUST OMFGOFHJFDH so I quickly shot out a question which was "what time did you arrive and which hotel are you staying at?" Hahaha and Riley said that they JUUUST arrived about 2PM that they don't even know the name of the hotel. I do understand if they didn't wanna tell me the hotel name on purpose but man they really lost track of time. Riley asked what time it is and I told them it's 6pm.

Then Izwin asked them to mention us on twitter lolol
and Connor asked for her twitter username kjahfasjfahks
And Riley went "Do you all have twitter?"
Us: Yeah
Riley: Do you tweet us a lot?
Us: Yeah! (Well I sorta lied because I only started following them about 2 weeks ago and I only tweet them SOMETIMES but oh well)

I heard Riley say
"What do you tweet us?"
And I was like ummm "I like your music????"


(by then i realised what he actually said was "what are your twitters?!" i guess)
It was so embarrassing.

          Izwin told Connor her username and HE WENT ON HER PROFILE AND WAS LIKE
"Is this you? 'Big Time Girlz'?" LOLOL I TRIED NOT TO LAUGH but yeah omg connor went through some of her tweets I was SO JEALOUS WHY DID MY USERNAME HAVE TO BE SO COMPLICATED AND NOT BYE-RELATED DAMN IT.

          Basically Izwin was being treated like a queen. (probs bc she was the one who won the dinner with them through the contest so ok yeah sure)

          So I told them my twitter username which was BTR-related because I like BTR and said Izwin and I are hardcore BTR fans. And then Riley told us about how they've met the BTR guys at one of their shows and how James went to one of their shows and they got to talk abit and I was all like OMG THAT IS SOOOOOOO COOL! And then I kinda remembered that they covered like a part of a BTR song which I thought was Boyfriend. Riley looked confused and so did Connor bc they didn't remember covering any BTR songs but they knew they did Bieber's Boyfriend. I tried convincing them saying it's just a tiny snippet and Connor was like "Yeah we might have"


         I had to tell my family that I wasn't gonna be back for dinner so I took this pic to send to them as proof that I'm having dinner with these guys!1!!?@1/!

          Anyway, after that they asked a bunch of questions about how Izwin won the contest. She had the recording of her on the radio station so she let them hear it and they were laughing and smiling it was so cute.

          Then Connor had this idea that we should play this game that they always play during dinner on tours. It’s like everybody is given a character or a famous person or something and everyone EXCEPT the person him/herself knows what character he/she is. The goal is to guess which character YOU are by taking turns asking yes or no questions e.g.

Am I a real person?
Am I a male?
Am I a singer?
Am I a cartoon character? etc.

So they/we decided that

Riley was The Hulk
Izwin was The Little Mermaid
Lisa was Harry Styles
I was Jimmy Neutron lol
Eira was Hannah Montana
Connor was Helen Keller lmao
Toby was Michael Jackson
Keith was Elvis Presley

          Toby guessed his character and won first and Riley was like "We always give him an easy one because if he doesn't get it he'll be like 'I DON'T WANNA PLAY ANYMORE'" HHahhAHhaahHA being the youngest bro ofcourse he's so cute ok

          When Izwin got hers she was like "Am I Ariel?" And we were all like yes you are yaaayyy you got it but Riley snapped "NO YOU'RE THE LITTLE MERMAID" oh ok man lol.

          At one point Eira asked "Am I white?" AND COINCIDENTALLY the people from the Sony side of the table gasped at something they were talking about. It was really funny bc it's as if they were gasping at the fact that Eira thinks she's white lol

          We laughed and Riley was all like "Poor girl thinks she's white!" hahaha boi u funny

Anyway the significant hints I got were:

- My character is a cartoon character
- My character is a teenager
- When I asked if it was female they answered yes
- My character is a main character on a Nickelodeon show.
- My character doesn't have siblings.

          At this point I was really blank because I couldn't think of any teenage female main cartoon character on Nickelodeon. I asked the girls about my hints again and I FOUND OUT MY CHARACTER IS ACTUALLY A BOY. Guess they heard me say "male" earlier not "female" oops. I wanted to make damn sure my character was a male so when it was my turn to ask I was like

I’m a boy, right?
and Connor went all
"*GASP* YOU’RE A BOY!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!" and everyone laughed
So I went with it and was like "Oh no my secret's out!!!"
But really I had to hold back the urge to punch him in the fACE

          Then their parents were asking what character they gave me so Riley gave them his phone (we all had the list of characters typed out in our own phones) and they were like "Whoa you guys have her a hard one!" But Connor said "Nahh she'll get it" aw

          Somewhere in between the Sony staff told us to like maybe teach the boys some Malay. (We never got to it because we were so focused on the game we were playing. SO MUCH REGRET) They went on asking them about their previous tours. How it was like to tour with Olly Murs and Cody Simpson. Toby said Cody's quite a shy guy! Who would have guessed.

         Then the Sony lady who was sitting beside me and I had small talk. I told her I'm studying at The One Academy and she asked me how old I was. When I told her I was 19 (technically 18 but you know how we consider ourselves to be the age we are turning that year) she said "Oooh same age as Connor!" He heard the last word which was his name so he turned and was like "What?" And she said you guys are the same age!1!!! and he's like oh that's cool and we continued the game ha.

          Towards the ending we were all given hints so Riley told me I have a dog and Connor made this REALLY GOOD IMPRESSION of Gordo the robot dog or whatever his name is and he went like "AR AR!" and I finally got that I was Jimmy Neutron!!! (Technically Jimmy Neutron isn't a cartoon character he's more of a 3D animation and if I remember correctly he's 10 years old aka NOT A TEENAGER but it's okay I forgive them)

Connor: Did my impression give it away?
Me: Yeah totally that helped a lot thanks


          When the game was over and everyone was done eating Lisa, Eira and I packed our food because the portion was HUUUUUUUGE and I couldn't even chew properly idk I was too excited I guess. I didn’t even have half of my cup of green apple slush even though it was so good holy shizzles.

Then we all got up out of our seats and took photos. I took one with Riley

And then Connor (Something always goes wrong when I take a pic with Connor idk why ugh his EYES ARE CLOSED I have never been so upset)

And when I was about to ask Toby for one he came to me and said "I don't have one with you yet!" SO TECHNICALLY HE WAS THE ONE TO ASK FOR THE PHOTO WITH ME I AM FLATTERED. So flattered. Toby's such a sweetheart. Didn't get to talk to him that much but he's my favorite. I don't care that he's almost 4 years younger go away.

Right after Izwin snapped this he gave me a biggggggggggg hug that I didn't even ask for. c":
It was a really good hug.

I managed to get them to wish my buddy Jai happy birthday (which was a week later) on video

And then I got a pic with all three of them

          They were in a rush so that pic I got with them was the last snap. We said our goodbyes and thank yous and they left the place. Then the four of us stopped acting cool and started internally silently screaming and group-hugged and thanked Izwin. We were jumping up and down during the hug that her glasses broke lol BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.

          We had such a great time and I can never thank Izwin for what she got me, Eira and Lisa into. It was the first time that I could ever have real conversations with one of the bands I like, let alone have dinner with them. I can conclude that this experience with this band I didn't know everything about at first, has made me a bigger fan of theirs.

          It's been 4 weeks + since this happened and I still can't believe my luck. Sometimes I get sad thinking it was a day to remember for the four of us, but I doubt it was for them. For them it was probably just "dinner with some fans". I keep tweeting them trying to remind them about that night in hopes they actually catch some of my tweets even if they don't reply haha.

          I could go on forever but wow that’s a lot of words.
          And if you actually read all of that thank you you are a true friend I appreciate your time.

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My Click Five Experience

Yasmin Raihan (@YasminRaihan), 18, from Malaysia, huge sucker for bands.

I've never met the band if that's the idea of "experience" but here's how TC5 is a part of my life.

The very first time I heard about The Click Five was in 2006. I really loved their song "Just the Girl". I wasn't much of a music explorer when I was 12 so that was pretty much the only song I knew from them. Haha.

Nothing really happened until I heard about them again in 2007. I heard "Jenny" on the radio and was a bit surprised that it was by The Click Five, since the lead singer's voice wasn't familiar. Then I went to watch the music video and did some research and I found out that they had a new singer. I was REEAALLLY addicted to Jenny, both the song and the music video because let's face it, Kyle had such a perfect, unique voice, plus he was the most gorgeous thing I've ever laid my eyes on. (But mainly his voice, ofcourse)

Oh good lawd look at that beauty.

Then I decided to check out their other songs. I have never bought my own album and I wasn't sure if my parents would have allowed me to, so I went to my friend, Adrina who already had Modern Minds and Pastimes in her hands, and borrowed it. I took a listen and OH MY GOD I FELL IN LOVE. There was not a single track on the album that I didn't like.

Time passed and it was still the time of my TC5 obsession. I heard the news that they were coming down to Malaysia. I had mixed feelings about this. Ofcourse I was excited but I was almost 100% certain that my parents wouldn't let me go see them since there was another band (My Chemical Romance) coming to Malaysia that I was reaaaaaally looking forward to, and my parents made me promise that THAT one was the only show I'd go for that year (Being a 13-year-old concert virgin made it hard for my parents to let me go for anything). So no TC5 M&G and or show for me. Bummer. :( I still listened to their music and watched their videos for the next few months.

At one point TC5 pretty much faded away from my life. I discovered other music and forgot about theirs (stupidest thing I've ever done). I was a normal kid again.

The next time I heard about them was years after (2011 I think?), when the "Don't Let Me Go" video came out. That was just an "Oh, this song is pretty nice" thing. Heard it once or twice and never again. At that time I was being completely obsessed over another band (Big Time Rush, still am) and that was all that was in my mind, didn't care about a single thing in the world. I was busy being the admin of BTRMalaysia on twitter.

Some time around July 2012, out of the blue I had 'Mary Jane' in my head. I don't know why and how but I had the lyrics and tune playing in my head. Went on youtube and gave it a 're-listen' (Is there such word? ._.) and thought "Holy crap this song is beautiful". Every time I listen to it I feel like crying thinking how I was SUCH A BIG FAN back then and I just abandoned them (The lyrics also suit my situation! Kinda). Curious about what happened to them since I haven't heard anything for soooo long, I did my research. Found out they had a third album out! (How did I not know? *smack on the head*) Plus Kyle had a solo project. I've missed out on so much it was a lot to process. Everything was so different.

2007 Rocker Kyle
There are no words to explain how much I miss that hair of his.  

2012 Kyle
So bright and vibrant! My eyes!

Ok, so I liked songs on TCV but I wasn't as much of a big fan of it compared to Modern Minds. Checked out Kyle's EP too and I was mildly shocked mainly because of how completely pop it sounded, and nothing like what I've heard from Click Five before. It wasn't "OMG SO FREAKING GREAT" the first time I heard it, but it's growing on me.

I watched their old videos on youtube aaaallll over again. Even live performances from 07-09. It awes me how good they sound.  I started learning their songs on guitar and piano (I couldn't play any instrument earlier).

Blast from the past - One of my favourite live performances. They are so unbelievably good live.

I also found out that Kyle was here in Malaysia a few times that I didn't know of. That was like a stab in the chest for me. It wasn't that much publicised. Can't believe I missed all those opportunities of meeting the dude simply because I DIDN'T KNOW THEY HAPPENED. *bangs head against wall* (ok not really) But I was SO FULL of guilt and regret. Sigh.

Since I only started using twitter last year, I just followed them. I showed Kyle a drawing of him I did for one of my college assignments and he saw it and replied *happy dance*

Hold up, did the lead singer of THE CLICK FIVE just call me talented? Naahhh.

Today's the 2nd of August 2012 and in less than 2 weeks Kyle will be in Singapore for MTVSessions. At first I thought I couldn't go, but then thought I could, but due to unavoidable circumstances, it ended up I couldn't. I'M SO BUMMED. (Thanks Rachel for the thought of helping me win tickets through contests :)) I did try tweeting some people and Kyle himself to get him to come here, and he replied me (again, omg) saying he's working on it!

Not keeping my hopes up too high but let's just see how it goes.

Right now it kinda bugs me how (correct me if I'm wrong) only KYLE is standing out and rising and I don't know what's going on with the others. I'm honestly happy and proud of him. All I'm saying is I prefer them as a band when they'd play full-on rock shows live. But this doesn't mean I've stopped supporting them. I'm hoping a miracle would happen where they'd tour together and play songs again :] (Fat chance of that happening, but hey I can dream right?)

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New post in like 23726857618756871 months

I managed to snap a photo of my boyfriend from the passenger seat while he was driving :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Here's pretty much what happened today.
Went bowling.
Went for lunch at Chilli's.
Saw Waktu Rehat's Amirah! :D

So anyway, I'm sacrificing my weekly Monday Big Time Rush time slot tomorrow for a bowling training session :(

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Running through my mind 24/7 days a week~

Have you ever liked / loved / been obsessed with something sooooo bad that you think about it every single second of every minute of every day 'cause it's the only thing that makes you smile on a bad day and you feel really sucky, knowing that you don't have a chance to make contact with that thing / person and it bugs you that you can't keep it off your mind and prevents you from carrying out your daily schedule because you watch vids of them on youtube which leads you to more videos of them on youtube and keeps going on and on and on and you forget other important things that have to be done and you feel your life is messed up and you feel like quitting everything just to spend your time on that one thing you're obsessed about that it makes you wanna break down and cry?


What am i gonna do? :S

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I feel so much better now :)

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Don't know if anyone will be reading this but...

Here's a corny / cheesy / lame poem for the fifth formers of SMK Taman Sea 2010.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I hate to admit,
But I freaking miss you :((((((